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Do you do Professional Headshots?

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 03:08PM PDT
Whether you’re working for yourself or portraying a larger company selling products and services, or even if you’re just job hunting as an individual, a professional headshot is key because it's one of the first things other business connections or customers will see.

Ours is a team of photographers specialized in headshots who know exactly what the client is looking for. Google, Twitter, Paypal, 500 Startups are some of our ongoing clients.

Personal headshots and Company headshots, are our specialty. We also do Outdoor Headshots.

Personal Headshots
A personal headshot is someone's first impression of you. You can use your headshots for social media websites, articles, as a signature in your e-mail etc. and be more appealing to your target audience. Investing in our professional photographers will help you attract the right people and opportunities and reflect every facet of who you are.

Company Headshots at your Event or Office
Our Professional Headshot Photo Booth is the perfect way to improve your networking efforts.

What's Included?
A nice backdrop, additional lighting and our professional photographer will capture nice, professional headshots for your guests. Attendees love these because most people like to have their old photos on their Linkedin and other Professional accounts updated but never get the time to take good photos.

- Great way to direct traffic
to key sponsorsor an area of the conference
- Make your event more memorable with something your guests can take home
- More value-add for your guests and great way for guests to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference without leaving the conference.

Pricing & Setup
Our pricing for our headshot booth is only $120 per hour with a $199 daily setup fee (backdrop and lighting). Generally, we do a 3 hour minimum depending on the number of guests you have in mind. We usually spend 5 minutes per person so they have time to get comfortable and try a few different angles.

We usually recommend a neutral color for the backdrop. Popular colors are white, grey and dark blue, but we may have other colors that are better fit for your event once we have had a chance to discuss about it.

Where to have your headshot area?
Usually, you don't need a large setup. The professional headshots are often covered by a sponsor or the conference and is placed in an area you want to direct guests to. This way when they are waiting in line for their headshot, they can stop by the lounge of your largest sponsor and pick up some marketing materials to maximize your sponsor's presence at the conference.

Outdoor Headshots
If you are someone who prefers natural light, we will be more than happy to conduct the shoot outdoors. We can discuss on the location you prefer, the date and timings before scheduling the shoot.


Here are 3 tips to help you get the best corporate and business headshots for your Linkedin Profile :


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