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How many photographers should I get for my wedding?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 12:42PM PDT
Often times you don't know whether one wedding photographer would suffice for your big day. It depends on a lot of factors: how big is your wedding going to be?, how many guests are invited?, the kind of shots you want?, location, whether you want more candids or just formal portraits, getting ready sessions of both bride and groom, etc.

If you are having a small city hall wedding with minimum number of guests, 1 photographer would suffice. But anything beyond a city hall wedding, we recommend 2 photographers. Here are a few reasons why:

Having 2 photographers means they can be in different places, capturing different things. 
For example, whilst one one is photographing the details and decorations at the venue, the other can be capturing the candid moments of your guests, and other fun stuff. During speeches, one can focus on the person giving the speech , whilst the other can focus on guest reactions. One can photograph the bride getting ready and the other can focus on the groom getting ready. We know you would love to have two different perspectives of everything that happens during the wedding hours.

Different style
Every photographer has a unique style. You get the benefit of having two photographers - different perspectives, creativity, twice the number of photos, different interpretations.
There are a lot of things constantly happening at weddings. Family members who haven't seen eachother in a long time sharing a laugh, kids playing around, friends having fun, hugs and smiles and tears. Not everything can be captured by one photographer. With 2 photographers, the risk of missing out on any such moments gets minimized.



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